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Training & Support


We offer comprehensive training to support the use of EDT software packages.

Our hands-on training has been developed to educate inexperienced beginners through to intermediate and advanced levels. As trainers and end users, we are able to provide you with a functional training format. We take trainees through each step, providing useful tips and end user advice to ensure there is improvement at every level.

Each training session is client specific and a current case be used to ensure users are able to apply and take on board the skills that they require.

User support

We endorse our products by providing an in depth local
support service via email and telephone.

If a situation arises that requires a greater level of support, we will work with your IT team and/or client to ensure that all systems are functioning or external problems are resolved.

Give your team the power, flexibility and speed that they need to put your best case forward.

Specialist Team + Leading Technology = Complete Litigation Support Solution