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Litigation Support


At SLS we deliver a comprehensive litigation support service.

With the High Court rules being integral for any discovery undertaken, the entire process needs to be easy, professional, comprehensive and detailed. Our proven protocols ensure the desired results are achieved within the agreed timeframe.

Our methods and secure technology infrastructure are trusted by many of New Zealand’s leading legal practices. Our team have the expertise and experience required to consistently deliver an accurate, timely and cost-effective outsourced eDiscovery service.

Case Consulting & Database Development

We work with your legal practice to provide an efficient coding service. Our team of coding specialists use standardised practices to extract objective information.

Data Collection

Our in-house collections team will work with you to efficiently identify and collect the respondent data you need to progress your case.

eDiscovery Processing

We process electronic documents to analyse the native file, filter out unrelated material and produce an ordered collection of relevant information.


In accordance with the High Court Rules, we work closely with your legal practice to provide an efficient coding service.


We use the latest digital imaging technology to convert paper files into electronic form, as well as OCR technology to make documents text searchable.

Casebooks/Common Bundles

SLS can facilitate the creation of your electronic casebook, including the preparation of the common bundle and hyperlinking for submission documents and indices.


We offer a variety of options for online case review and our consultants can advise you on the current hosting environments available.

Give your team the power, flexibility and speed that they need to put your best case forward.

Specialist Team + Leading Technology = Complete Litigation Support Solution