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Case Consulting & Database Development

Unsure where to start?

Our team can review and advise the most efficient and cost effective discovery process from collection and review through to production and exchange. Our case consulting and database development services can be tailored to meet your specific needs and your level of experience with eDiscovery.

Are you still learning about eDiscovery?

If your firm is still coming to grips with eDiscovery, working with us can be a valuable and educational experience. We can advise and assist at every stage, including discovery planning, collection processes, database requirements, review, production and exchange.

Our team of eDiscovery professionals will also assist you with your timeframes and budgetary requirements. You can trust SLS to provide an optimised workflow to meet your particular eDiscovery needs.

Do you have a challenging case with special requirements?

Our case consulting services are invaluable for complex or unusual cases that might require capturing different types of data and database manipulation that’s outside the square. If there’s a challenging case on the horizon, consult us about the best way to structure discovery.

Database development consultation

To optimise your everyday eDiscovery, an SLS consultant can complete a comprehensive analysis of your database requirements. They will provide recommendations, design and develop a customised database that will optimise your searching and retrieving capabilities.

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