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Hosted Software Services

We offer a choice of hosted platforms.
A hosting service is a secure ‘cloud’ based alternative to an in-house software solution providing 24/7/365 connectivity to your case from almost any internet enabled computer. Our hosted review platforms are secure, cloud-based alternatives to in-house software solutions.

Benefits of using a hosted platform:

  • Your people have the freedom and flexibility of 24/7/365 connectivity to their cases via the web.
  • Clients and others involved with a case can have easy and secure access to documents as required.
  • Hosting is a monthly expense that can be billed as a disbursement on a case by case basis. There is no upfront software cost.
  • Moving to a hosted solution removes the need for expensive hardware and personnel costs.

Give your team the power, flexibility and speed that they need to put your best case forward.

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