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Data Collection

Ensure your data is forensically defensible

Imagine the cost, frustration and embarrassment of having to start the data collection process from scratch because your method was 1. Unlawful or 2. Compromised.

Don’t undermine the integrity of your data collection. Ensure your process is forensically defensible. Choose a highly experienced team from the onset. Have the confidence of knowing:

  1. You are working alongside experts who will gather your ESI according to industry standards
  2. Data integrity is maintained
  3. Information is private and securely stored

The collection of electronically stored information (ESI) is more complicated than ever given the popularity of mobilised workplace realities and cloud environments. Our collections team will work with you to efficiently identify and collect the respondent data you need to progress your case.

Potential data evidence can be found everywhere – from mobile devices, laptop or desktop computers, to networked storage, social media accounts, through to cloud storage. Our certified technicians are expertly trained in all forms of data collection and gathering ESI according to industry standards to provide the strongest defensible position.

Deleted file recovery

Text messages, emails and files are deleted every day. If that day happens to be during a period of enforced data preservation, such data could be key evidence in a case.

Our experienced technicians recover and extract deleted file data – evidence that, in less experienced hands, could be lost forever.

Independent consulting & search assistance

Judges and Counsel often find it necessary to appoint neutral, third-party experts to assist in handling and interpreting digital data.

Our team of technicians can assist in the execution of search orders. We can also work with both parties to conduct discovery to an agreed list in sensitive cases or those involving privilege.

Data preservation

ESI has to be preserved when litigation has been filed or an internal investigation is needed. To be admissible and defensible, the data must be properly collected and stored – improper data collection and preservation can result in sanctions and other consequences.

Preserving data is becoming more and more challenging given the tremendous volumes, sources and types of data potentially involved. Our team of technicians can assist you in properly preserving your data and will work with you to choose the right tools and processes to ensure all relevant data is collected and remains intact.

Our team will work closely with you to ensure your data is safely and defensibly preserved.

Mobile device collection

SLS mobile discovery uses the same technology as law enforcement to collect, preserve and analyse mobile device data for import into SLS hosted eDiscovery platforms or any other review platform that accepts standard load files.

This enables legal and investigation teams to search, review and produce mobile device evidence alongside traditional forms of ESI.

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