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Since 2000, SLS has partnered with government agencies and law practices of all sizes providing litigation support services. There are many advantages to partnering with us. Read how we have helped other clients below, then give us a call to discuss how we can help you. 

We recently instructed SLS to assist with preparation of a large electronic bundle for a High Court trial, and the service we received from Sarah Denton (in particular) was exceptional. Sarah was efficient, professional, and very cost effective assisting us with a time-intensive and technical process. We have been very impressed with the level and manner of communication, willingness to assist and knowledge of the High Court Rules and relevant protocols. We highly recommend SLS for any litigation support, and a consultation early on would be extremely beneficial for any lawyer in preparation for trial."
Brian Nathan and Nick Laing
Partner and Senior Associate, Duncan Cotterill
SLS provides professional, efficient and very affordable litigation support. Their attention to detail, knowledge of the NZ Courts rules and protocols for discovery and electronic court bundles are second to none. We have been truly blown away by SLS’s willingness to go above and beyond in their services which not only makes the running of trials a lot smoother but also provides a very cost-effective solution for our clients. We could not recommend SLS more."
Sara Battersby
Senior Associate, DLA Piper
Streamlined has assisted us with document collection, collation, processing, and production on a wide range of litigation matters over many years. Without exception, Streamlined has provided consistently excellent service. We can particularly recommend Kevin Belanger-Taylor for his expertise and efficiency. Kevin has delivered for us time and time again, on a broad range of matters, including on urgent instructions. We would have no hesitation recommending Kevin and the team at Streamlined to anyone needing assistance on electronic discovery matters."
Senior Associate
at a leading law firm
While the Streamline-supplied Summation database meets our document management needs for litigation, it is the exceptional service provided by the Streamlined Litigation Support team that most impresses us. In ten years of dealing with Streamlined, never once have they failed to deliver. And we know we will get a cheerful and positive response when we ask for help. I recommend SLS without reservation."
Angela Goodwin
Associate, Gilbert Walker
SLS provide discovery support for our team that is pro-active, professional and tailored to our needs. Having used their services for a range of matters, in our experience their training programmes, technical support and response times are excellent."
Anna McElhinney
Senior Solicitor, DLA Phillips Fox
I have been a Summation user for over 15 years, and when SLS became the NZ agent for Summation about 12 years ago I began to use their services. At first this was for advice and support for the Summation programme, but more latterly I have used their related litigation support services for document management and imaging, and transcript conversion for Summation. I have always been impressed with the knowledge and efficiency of staff members. They have provided advice and software support after hours and on weekends. As a litigator I cannot ask for more than that.”
Stuart Grieve
Rainey Law has had a close working relationship with Streamlined Litigation Support since the practice commenced in 2009. Rainey Law finds its staff incredibly friendly and efficient. Streamlined provide accurate details on when its work will be completed, meets those deadlines, and more importantly, let us know when a deadline cannot be met, as soon as they are aware themselves. Its assistance with documents and its support of the summation database make complex civil trials a far simpler task as the documents are easily managed, can be readily redacted, and permits the creation of lists for court ready affidavits and trial bundles. Streamlined provide and support a database system that has been described by a former colleague as “whiz bang” and is the envy of any litigation lawyer dealing with the time consuming task of wading and searching through paper files when searching for specific documents. Because of the time efficiency of the resulting summation database and competitive prices charged by Streamlined, the client: the end user of litigation support receive a far more competitively priced deal than having solicitors, or even law clerks."
Doug Cowan
Partner, Rainey Law
I run Summation as an efficient means of managing and analysing large files of documents and information. The team at SLS have provided an excellent standard of support and prompt assistance in training and file establishment. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
Paul Davison
I was introduced to Streamlined Litigation Support and the Summation software only a couple of years ago and cannot now imagine litigating without it. Summation is not just an electronic database used for discovery but a must-have tool for a litigator. It has a multitude of useful search and organisational functions but more importantly is able to be used intelligently and customised to suit specific requirements. The Streamlined team are always on hand to discuss ways to maximise the many benefits available. The more I use the software, the more I realise just how much is possible. There are a growing number of users out there which makes the exchange of documents a simple process. It also allows those documents to be assessed using all the available Summation functions. Summation is in my view an investment with significant returns. Highly recommended."
Jeanne Heatlie
Rainey Law
SLS and the Summation software greatly assist us to provide high quality and value-based dispute management services. The increase in the use of e-documents has made it critical for lawyers to find better ways to manage volume, and to take advantage of technological tools that can make the litigation process both more efficient and more effective. Electronic document management is particularly valuable when clients or witnesses are located overseas. SLS provides an excellent service, taking a highly professional and pragmatic approach in working with solicitors through the discovery phase. The litigation support software then provides a powerful tool with which to analyse electronic information and prepare for trial. Such services are often essential in large scale litigation and surprisingly useful for small to medium-sized matters as well. I have found both SLS and the Summation software highly valuable to my practice."
Laura O'Gorman
Partner, Buddle Findlay
My professional relationship with Streamlined Litigation Support Limited spans almost a decade. In my experience, Streamlined provides a friendly, efficient and responsive litigation support service that can effectively and economically cater to small jobs or enormous, document intensive projects. Streamlined provides technical training in their software. Their technical support team provides clear, step by step instructions, with technical support available after 5pm if required, which is a huge comfort. Streamlined is also pro-active in terms of keeping abreast of legal developments in the e-discovery space. Using Summation (or similar) software enables niche law firms to handle very substantial document discovery exercises more efficiently. This, in turn, enables niche firms to compete on a level playing field with larger firms, which traditionally applied more human resources to discovery. This is a good thing for clients as it gives them a greater range of legal service providers to choose from, regardless of the size of the case."
Melisa Beight
Senior Solicitor, Lowndes Jordan
Our firm has used the services of Streamlined Litigation Support (SLS) for several years. We have always found their service exceptional. They are a highly professional group and make the sometimes complex and often difficult task of electronic discovery understandable and user friendly to clients and ourselves. We have always found SLS unbelievably helpful and friendly. Even in the case of the most unwieldy construction cases, they have made the whole process of trial work a manageable experience for a cost effective price, to the extent that we now even load other parties documents into the SLS database in our system. No job is too big or too small for SLS. We would recommend SLS to other firms. The important thing is to get them involved with your firm and your client at the earliest opportunity rather than after you have filed your proceedings."
Tim Allan
Partner, Grove Darlow & Partners

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