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SLS - Streamlined Litigation Support

Trusted by leading law practices and Government agencies since 2001

At Streamlined Litigation Support (SLS) our total focus is to empower teams engaged in litigation to work more efficiently. Our litigation support services and software products are used by leading law practices and Government agencies.

SLS was established in 2001 to provide outsourced legal discovery services for litigators. SLS operates as an extension of a litigation practice, seamlessly performing necessary discovery and support tasks that might otherwise overload practice staff. With almost 20 years of specialist eDiscovery knowledge and experience, it’s all we do and so we have become very good at it.

Why choose SLS?

  • New Zealand’s leading specialised litigation support services provider
  • Trusted by leading law practices and Government agencies since 2001
  • Benefit from a more cost-effective discovery process
  • Highly skilled team supported with the best systems and technologies
  • Complete solution including training and consulting services
  • Highest protocols and security ensure the safety of sensitive information
  • Our team can step in to assist at any stage of the process, or work with you from the very beginning at the pre-discovery or pre-planning stage

You can trust Streamlined
Litigation Support to:

  • Minimise the cost and labour associated with processing electronic documents
  • Provide safe, secure and proven technology ensuring you results on time and on budget
  • Ensure that your data is prepared in accordance with the New Zealand High Court Rules
  • Follow best practice processes

Isn’t eDiscovery expensive?

You may think you have to pay a lot for a complete eDiscovery solution like ours; but SLS can actually help you save money when you consider the time spent on manual discovery, or doing discovery badly.

Are you still learning about eDiscovery?

If you are still coming to grips with eDiscovery, working with us can be a valuable educational experience. We can advise and assist with every stage, including discovery planning, collection processes, database requirements, review and production. Our team of eDiscovery specialists will also assist you with your timeframes and budgetary requirements. You can trust SLS to provide an optimised workflow to meet your particular eDiscovery needs.

Give your team the power, flexibility and speed that they need to put your best case forward.

Specialist Team + Leading Technology = Complete Litigation Support Solution