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Summation Pro

Ideal for practices with larger case loads

Summation Pro is a web-based document, electronic data and transcript review platform with unlimited record capacity. It delivers search, annotation, redaction, production tools and transcript support in one product.

Key benefits:

  • Industrial-strength processing for comprehensive early case assessment - data ingestion, processing, culling, export with load file creating and more.
  • 4D search - users can index, invoke keywords, apply ECA-type filter facets, and refine with Excel-like column level filters.
  • Near-native document viewing, email threading, and near-duplicate comparison.
  • Export large native, image or blended data sets to multiple load file types, but still have the stamping and redacting tools necessary for a formal production to opposing counsel.
  • Go mobile or take a case offline; make changes to it, then sync it back up upon reconnection to the network.
  • Industry-leading transcript support, including reports, color highlighting, condensed printing, transcript notes, exhibit linking and real time integration

Give your team the power, flexibility and speed that they need to put your best case forward.

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